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How do you pursue a Career in Playing Sitar?

  Keywords:  Playing Sitar, Agni Verma, Mussoorie International School, Sitar, Classical Music, Performance Artist, Musical Instrument, Music, Career, Career Objective, Career Counseling, Career Planning, Career Options, Career List How do you pursue a Career in  Playing Sitar ? LifePage – shows  what is the meaning of Career Counselling? Playing Sitar There are many nuances of a Career in Playing Sitar. For me understanding Why I want to choose a Career in Playing Sitar is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Playing Sitar. My research about a  Career in Playing Sitar  became a lot more meaningful when I found: Agni Verma 's overview! Agni Verma has worked in Playing Sitar for 20 years. Agni Verma has worked in Playing Sitar as Sitarist in Mussoorie International School. In Agni Verma's own words, this is how Agni Verma got into Playing Sitar:  "I have been playing Sitar since the age of 10. Currentl

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